A Fangirl’s Song

We had an assignment for poetry class to play around with any poetic forms we wanted. One of the few I chose was the sonnet form, which speaks about the effect that someone has on the writer who has placed them on a pedestal. At that time, my fangirl feelings for Jungkook was at its absolute peak, so who better to write about than him?
Hope you enjoy!


Flashing lights and fickle, violet hair
Sparkling eyes that roam across mine and touch
my heart, stilling the frenzy with a simple smile.
Your hands that trace the air, softly skimming
this invisible, quivering spirit.
Purpled fancies of musicality
and that glance, of such unbridled mischief
imprints on a chest that rose, and quietly falls.

This hand that pulls graphite along a page
struggling to immortalise your touch. I;
can only do so much, when your voice
like the breathiest silk, whispers along
a freely contained scandalous mind, only
to playfully vanish with the last note.


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