Melted Crayon Art

I’ve always been fascinated by melted crayon art, and it seemed easy enough for a person of minimal artistic talent. So here is my attempt, and a guide for anyone who also wants to attempt.

I found that with the size of the canvas, if I used whole crayons it would have limited the space for the crayons to melt, and that’s where most of the beauty is for this technique. Besides, the whole crayon wouldn’t melt anyway, so why not not save some of it for another project?

So I broke them in half and hot glued them down in the order of a rainbow. Some tutorials kept the paper on, others removed it, but I found the crayons stayed better with the paper on, and I personally don’t like how it looks with the paper off. I suppose it would have melted a bit faster with the paper off maybe? But I liked seeing a good bit crayons still on the canvas. I covered the walls and floor around the canvas with newspaper, because the splatter would’ve gone everywhere.

I covered the cats with masking tape before i turned on the blow drier. Warning – the crayons melt really fast! I have a standard cheapo blow drier that just turns on as you plug it in and it has a high and low setting. I set it on low first, and in about two minutes the crayons started melting. For the first half of the melting process everything was going fine until I reached the darker colours, and then it all started splattering, which got pretty chaotic. But apparently, the darker colours tend to melt faster, so that may have been the case.

But after this, the darker colours melted really weird. It looked thinner and was difficult after one point to get melted, which is why you’ll see the purple part is a lot shorter than the rest – I’m really not sure why.

The only two things I didn’t like were the the splatter and the spaces of white throughout, but I’m not too sure how to fix that. Perhaps it’s the quality of crayons you use, or how much heat you apply, or maybe even the attachments to your blow drier – which mine didn’t have, by the way.

Anyway, I’ll be trying this again when I get another canvas. I hated the end product at first, but other people liked it, and I realised that it actually isn’t so bad!

Hope this description helped in some way, and good luck with your own project!



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