How Being Adopted by Cats Changed My Life

People who live with cats would understand the title of this post.

After years of begging my parents, we were finally the proud owners of two polar opposite month-old kittens. As first time cat owners, we had no idea what to do! All of a sudden we were in charge of two other life forms that we had to feed, protect, bathe, and clean up after. We were so terrified they’d run away so we kept them in a huge box all day and when we came home, let them out to roam. They were so small and could slip out through the gate and onto the road where dogs played all the time, so we lived in constant fear that we’d one day find them mauled on the street, or we wouldn’t even find them at all.

But the days and months passed and they got shots at the vet, learned to walk around freely and kill their birds, would watchcat the house for us, killing all the lizards and rats and confidently pooping everywhere but the litterbox. We grew more in love with them with each passing moment, and my parents, who once threatened to fling the cats away if my brother and I didn’t clean up after them, were soon spending money and time freely behind them. In other words, the ownership changed – we were now the proud and subservient pets to a pair of snobbish, easily jealous, pampered, loving and adorable cats. They even started bullying the dogs after a while.


They changed all our lives, as pets tend to. At the end of a stressful day, my parents could find peace playing with them, and had joy in picking out their food and toys. They unknowingly alleviated some of the tension in the house and replaced it with joy and laughter. We would share pictures and videos with each other, and tell stories about what mischief they’d done that day. And it was always so entertaining to see them stalking some poor prey, or sleeping, eating, scratching, being pensive – just being a cat, really.


They became part of the family and made us become more of a family, too.


And they have their own distinct personalities, which is always so much fun to see!


Now that we’re almost experienced cat adoptees, there are some things we know for certain:

  • Cats get jealous easily and you have to constantly show you love them
  • Invest in a good brush
  • And a lint/fur remover
  • Tick shampoo is a must
  • Have a big litterbox and scoop
  • Buy food in bulk cause they don’t stop eating
  • Take them for vet checkups
  • Cats like cardboard
  • Cats like stainless steel
  • Change up the food once in a while – they like snacks and variation too!
  • They love head rubs
  • Showing their belly and shoving their butts in your face in a big sign of love
  • So is killing birds/lizards/rats and leaving them for you
  • Bites as well. But sometimes it gets painful
  • Always talk to them. Mine like baby talk
  • They don’t like closed doors
  • Pay attention to their tails – it has a language of its own
  • Don’t hold onto them – let them go and walk and climb whenever and wherever they want. And sometimes, just leave them alone
  • Cats always come back home when they know they’re loved and appreciated


I feel like my heart has grown by letting these two in. I feel more alive, more energetic, more confident because of the love they have for me, and happier to be at home.

Although it’s a lot of work and responsibility, it’s such a reward to have a cat. They’re quiet, don’t smell too bad even when they’re dirty, don’t take up too much space, and don’t require all your time. And while they do get dirty and need a bath once in a while, they clean up after themselves. They’re quite loving too, contrary to popular belief. Keeping these two is one of the best decisions we ever made.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. shaleics says:

    How absolutely wonderful! Everything I need to know about getting a cat in one simple post! Thanks Saeeda
    ~ shale


    1. Woohoo! Can’t wait for you to get one now!


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