Dot Art Mandala

All my life I’ve been fascinated by art and the people who create them. I’ve never been good at visual art, although I did try to be! It seemed to me that if I were able to write as well as draw or paint well, I’d be unstoppable! Or something like that.

It started when I joined the Art Club in my high school (Tagline – ‘No Talent Required!’) and ended up running it for the last two years I was there. I had to learn a bunch of crafts and simple art projects for those who, just like me, joined because they loved art but couldn’t draw a straight line.  And so from there, my knowledge and teeny, tiny artistic skill grew, and grew – to the point where having a bottle of glue, blank paper, paint, and other art supplies at home were a necessity. I learnt to make all kinds of things from nothing! But still, that was more crafty – I wanted to draw and paint.

So I started as a beginner, just doodling and playing around with paint and colours. The Melted Crayon project was one of those, and so was this mandala, after hours of patience:


I was really proud of it, but because mandalas are so pretty I needed to do something even better! And thus:


I used a regular piece of cardboard and painted it with black acrylic, then used a compass to draw thin circles from the middle. The first one had thicker circles, but I like how detailed and more professional the smaller ones look. I followed other styles I found because it would’ve been too basic if they were just dots going around in a regular circle. I alternated it with fine dots, huge dots, and  some that curled in between. It really added variety and made the whole thing look so pretty!

For the paint, I used acrylics that needed to be seriously watered down, but not too much because when it dried, the colour still needed to show. I only used acrylics because I didn’t have the watercolours I wanted – which would have been much easier to use. To make the dots, I saturated the brush and gently touched the tip to the cardboard, then had to dip the brush back in the paint. If I didn’t dip again, the colour would have been less vibrant for the next dot. Well, it could probably go for two more dots, but I felt more comfortable doing it the latter way. If you look closely you can see there are some dots that look more faded than the rest – that’s because I couldn’t get the consistency right and added too much water, then – don’t do this please -eventually gave up and used it as it was.

Mandalas are just so beautiful! They’re all about unity and harmony, and are supposed to bring great peace. It’s no wonder that they’ve been used as inspirations for artistic pieces. You find them a lot with the more complex colouring books. They’re supposed to help you get lost in them and awaken your creative side, and have a special kind of effect on the unconscious. They’re definitely worth having.

I hope this inspires you to get one, or create one of your own. Thanks for reading!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon says:

    Beautifully done… you’re very talented..


    1. saeedamali says:

      Thank you so much ^_^


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