All About Girls’ Generation


Girls’ Generation is everything.

I love a lot of different groups. BTS has always been my bias, with GG as the female counterpart, but I’ve realised for a while now that GG just stands above everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a comeback before.

Since it’s their 10th anniversary, I really wanted to do something for them besides contribute to views on their music videos. They’re South Korea’s #1 girl group, they’re queens, legends, shining stars and absolutely wonderful human beings. I’ll admit it took a while before their brilliance dawned on me – but it hit me like a truck and I’ll never be the same again.

These are women that have had 17 albums, 7 tours, 61+ music videos, 12 reality shows, 119 awards and 100 music show wins, 107 endorsements, and 5 solos. (Stats from
They’re 8, previously 9, super talented, beautiful, intelligent, confident, shining stars who deserve every bit of love and more that they get.

I remember waking up to news about Jessica leaving and although I wasn’t as obsessed then, still feeling bit of that devastation. Then jumping on the bandwagon after and regretting that I hadn’t loved them all those years even though I knew nothing about kpop. Then when the performance for the ballad version of ‘Into the New World’ appeared on my feed and I cried my eyes out- silently, cause I was in a library. Now, I can’t not listen to their songs nor bypass them whenever they appear on my feed, and I have more songs by them than any other artist, and listen to them more than anyone else. In fact, their playlist has been on for weeks. I can’t even listen to anyone else right now.

Cause they’re just good. They’re so talented at everything they do and no matter how terrible SM can be, they always manage to give their groups fantastic songs that suit them perfectly, even if the line distribution may not be fair. They were born to perform, made to be in variety, to act, to sing, to dance, to model – and they just kept getting better and better, and you could see just how hard they work and how grateful they are for everything, even though they’ve gotten enough love and attention all these years to inflate their heads. But they’ve just remained such wonderful girls, and grown into even more astounding women, together, and separately.


And they’ve just gone through so much during those 10 years. Not everyone can live the life of a kpop idol, and they’ve definitely had tough times, despite and because of their immense popularity. It broke my heart to see how lost they were after Jessica left – their performances just weren’t as cohesive or lively as before, and it was a stark difference without Jessica’s distinctive colour to their songs. But they pushed through, bore all the hate and shunning because what else were they to do? No matter what the haters say, Jessica is a serious loss from the group. She added that last, vital bit they needed to conquer the music world, and her voice so perfectly went with Taeyeon’s. Now, although the music is beautiful, the missing part is noticeable.

Regardless, they pushed through. I didn’t lose hope all this time – I knew when they came back they’d look like they were always 8, would have that energy and ease they always did, and Sunny’s eyes twinkle once again. Because they’re SNSD. And SNSD is forever. I’m so proud as a die hard SONE to see them standing as one, accepting of the part Jessica played and of their loss, but moving forward with what they have. It’s truly tragic how the loss of one member made SM realise they needed to hone in on the skills of the others and give them more solo activities, but at least now the world can see just how multi-talented they are.


Maybe there’ll never be another legendary performance of the original ‘Into the New World’ or ‘Bad Girl’,or another ‘Mr. Mr.’ era, but the girls (and SM) are moving forward with 8 members to create more awesome music. Have you heard their new album? It’s fantastic, as expected. They’ve had 10 years to try all kinds of sounds, and this one is so distinctive, yet so them. If you don’t think ‘All Night’ is a masterpiece, then you need to listen again.

They’ve had two years to do their own solo stuff, establish themselves as soloists and actors, and get more comfortable as a group of 8. It’s visible just how much happier and comfortable and confident they’ve become. It hurts immensely knowing I’ll probably never see them live, but I’m so, so glad to live in the same time as them, and to see how they keep growing more as a group, and as beautiful people.


Jigeumeun, So Nyeo Shi Dae

Apeurodo, So Nyeo Shi Dae

Yeongwonhi, So Nyeo Shi Dae

snsd baby g (2)


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