The Plight of Chinese Kids

One of the things I volunteered for is research and writing for an organisation called Seedling for Change, where people can use their passions to connect to and help communities. Since the major theme there is connecting with others, I’ve been out and and about interacting with different people.¬†And one day I visited the founder…

Getting through Writer’s Block

Contrary to the belief that settling in a new country with its temperate climate and different way of life would have my poetic inspiration flowing over, I haven’t written a single proper piece of work in the month and a half since I’ve been here. Even the one essay due last week was the product…

Lights that Guide Us Home

“Sometimes the night becomes faint, and my heart stutters, sending my breath swirling down every cup of scorching tea.”

Dot Art Mandala

“[The mandala]…signifies the wholeness of the Self.” – C. G. Jung